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A Total Life: Four Timeless Principles

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In thinking about life and what it is all about, I have come to believe that all men and woman should discover what it is that they can leave behind for the next generation or the next adventurer. Some leave behind buildings, some appear in movies, and others create music, poetry, or other timeless gifts. After much evaluation and thought, I have decided to leave an idea behind in the form of a book, and that idea is that of A Total Life. What I offer is myself and what I have are my thoughts on how I see life and the world. These observations have come through constant examination, continual reading, life experiences, and a general care for others. I believe for some there is freedom in this work because the ideas when understood help people rediscover their passions and live more exciting happy lives. As a young man I was always desperately searching for mentors.
I was looking for people I could model my life after, and in my search I found and walked with many great men and women. After years of watching these individuals and growing with them, I started to respect each mentor and role model for their specific respective strengths. For example, one individual was amazing with her financial affairs, another had a great marriage, another was healthy and yet another really had his spiritual life together. What was so interesting was none of my early mentors had it all. It seems each them was lacking either wealth, health, spirituality or relationship success. At some point I started to think about finding someone who had it all. Who can I model my life after who isn’t making any trade-offs? Which of these men or women are healthy, happy, wealthy, fun, spiritual, have great relationships, and more?
After years of searching I discovered men and women who had it all, who were living A Total Life, and this book is about Four Timeless Principles they all used to achieve total, complete, multifaceted lives. My legacy is my thoughts that have been developed through friendships, business, pain, sadness, success, betrayal, and a constant yearning for truth. In this writing are my hopes for my children, my dreams for my friends, and my love for humanity and all of us who have a deep longing for more. I hope each of you will enjoy my thoughts on life.